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Terms of Use


In an effort to maintain the demand, collectibility, quality, image and reputation of M. Cornell Importers, Inc. product lines, we will be monitoring all advertising (and other marketing) of our products. The advertising of MCII products shall be subject to the review and approval of MCII.

Permission to use our logos, copy, photos, etc. must be obtained through MCII prior to using such information in any advertisements (including any postings on the Internet).

Any retailers who currently advertise or market our product line must provide us with a printed copy of any documents or web pages which relate to MCII products. Additionally, we are to be provided with a copy of the Internet address for any sites referencing MCII products.

All retailers who plan to advertise MCII products in the future must submit a printed copy of their proposed copy to us for approval prior to its distribution.

Mail copies of material referencing MCII products and your Internet addresses to the following address:

M. Cornell Importers, Inc. Marketing Dept.
1462 18th St. N.W.
St. Paul, MN 55112
Fax: 651-636-3568

MCII at its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse to supply any person or business that, in MCII's opinion, can undermine the reputation of MCII or lessen the quality, appeal, demand or status of our merchandise. Inappropriate advertisements or a failure to observe MCII's Advertising Policy would be a reason for MCII to refuse to do business with a customer.


M. Cornell Importers, Inc. (MCII) is one of the largest suppliers of limited edition steins and drinking vessels, open edition steins and drinking vessels, men's accessories, wooden collector boxes, and other giftware to the collectible and giftware industry. For the past 44 years, MCII has strived to protect the perceived value, general appreciation, and collectibility of our products. By preserving and enhancing the consumer and collector demand for existing products, we create the opportunity for future sales. We pave the way for the future by consistently introducing new products. In this manner, MCII products will be enjoyed and sought after by consumers and collectors for many years to come, and dealers will continuously benefit from the sale and distribution of these products.

MCII strives to establish relationships with retailers who share our commitment to the future. Our experience has shown that the proper placement and handling of our products improves sales of the entire category of merchandise. Accordingly, we ask that retailers are willing to commit sufficient display space to our products. We ask retailers to devote sufficient time to educate their salespeople about MCII products, and thereby be more qualified to serve and satisfy consumers and collectors of MCII products. We ask retailers to attractively display our products. We also ask that retailers not sell MCII products in the secondary internet markets such as E-Bay, Yahoo, or similar sites, and so we ask that retailers to comply with our Internet Sales and Marketing Guidelines. Finally, retailers are expected to uphold their financial obligations regarding payment for merchandise. Please note that seasonal extended dating terms are available, to help buyers maintain proper levels of inventory and maximize sales.

MCII shares the responsibility of creating success for the future with the retailer. MCII is committed to improving retailer and consumer information opportunities, such as periodically updated sales literature, and the future development of multimedia sales materials. MCII will continue to improve, emphasize and create new products, and corresponding presentation and display material. More visibility and involvement in the gift market, through the establishment of permanent showrooms in major gift expositions will occur in the future as well.

In our first 44 years of business, MCII has established a reputation as being a trustworthy source for exclusively designed top quality steins and gift items. These items are enjoyed by a wide variety of collectors and consumers. We have been very fortunate to establish many enjoyable long-term relationships and friendships with a wide array of specialty retailers. Our mission is therefore clearly to preserve and build upon these relationships, and to stimulate the interest and demand of our products, thereby benefiting everyone involved and creating the opportunity for a rewarding future.