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Item Number: 6710

Porcelain, handpainted figural decoration. This is the third edition in the series entitled Man's Best Friend. The German Shepherd is well known for its intelligence, loyalty and strength. It therefore serves as the perfect subject for this Sheriff Dog stein. The Shepherd is wearing a uniform complete with hat, badges and tie. We cannot forget it is a dog, therefore the dog collar is very evident in gold-leaf design. Books are at the base of this stein with the titles The Art of Sniffing, Obedience School, Law & Order, etc. Humor, originality, and uncompromising quality all contribute to this series of dog steins. This stein will be appreciated by all who love Shepherds: police officers, guide dog owners, or family pet owners. Limited edition of 5,000 pieces. Each stein is registered and individually numbered. Approximately 2,000 of the 5,000 pieces will be made in this Sheriff version.


Material: Porcelain
Origin: Germany
Volume: 0.75 L
Dimensions: 12 in.

Exclusive Product
Limited Edition
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