Pewter Emblem Glass Stein w/ Removable Lid


Pewter Emblem Glass Stein w/ Removable Lid

Size: 7-1/4 in.
Capacity: 0.40 L
Material: Glassware
Country of Origin: Germany


This smooth, sturdy glass body is tapered and has a starburst light-reflecting pattern on the bottom. The conical pewter lid is removable, allowing for easy access to the glass body and the pewter emblem. The stein has a special threaded hinge pin. The lid is easily removed and re-attached by simply loosening and tightening this hinge pin with an allen wrench.(This product is also a part of our custom line. For more information about our custom products and services, visit our custom gifts website at, or see our collections of stoneware and glassware mugs) "

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